Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Warzone - there can only be....

As readers of my blogs and facebook postings, I've been spending a lot of time searching for particular figures or projects.  During this period I have been frustrated by my minds capacity to associate what qualified as a logical place to store or perhaps hide them.

Warzone was for a time a contender here in SE QLD for "threatening" GW and it's strangle hold on the gaming fraternity.  I can remember going to a pokey place on the North Side and meeting with other secessionists to plot and plan the downfall of the evil empire.

Warzone was at the time a stable platform for a game system.  They had "reps" that were "rewarded" for the work they did to push the game and get it out there in people's faces.  What killed it?  Not cheap, even though GW weren't that competitive at the time.  The company having financial problems that lead to it's collapse.

I enjoyed the game.  The figures are chunky to be kind, lead sinkers to others.

Here is my collection.  There is probably five times this lot waiting paint.  I've been quietly picking up figures from old players for a damn decent price.  I intend to launch a dash into the past with this game in the times ahead.


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